Currently in 2016 I am not working with puppets in my line of work but I hold a deep appreciation for their ability to connect with people and I love the art form. I’m really glad that there are small puppetry companies flourishing in Ireland.

I worked professionally as a puppeteer since 2003, performing with Your Mans Puppets (2003-2008) on a variety of productions including The Salmon of Wisdom and Puppets on Waste

Towards the middle of 2008, I launched my solo career, and in October 2008, I produced a new piece of Shadow Puppet Theatre, which is a fusion of storytelling, music, movement, and shadow puppetry.

In August 2008 I attended a Puppet Theatre summer school that was presented by PUPPET ANIMATION SCOTLAND, in association with the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and THE PUPPET LAB.

I received a Travel and Training award from the Arts Council. The topics that were covered include shadow puppetry, object theatre, physical theatre and movement, improvisation and we developed and delivered a show.

This course was inspiring and in the autumn of 2008, I developed and produced a new shadow puppetry performance piece, called “The Journey”.

Shadow Puppetry is both fresh and original for most Irish children. The simplicity and beauty of the images created, suspends the children in the awe and magic of the production.

In August 2009 I attended a 2week intensive puppet making and performing course with PUPPETCRAFT in Devon, UK.

I received funding from the North Tipperary Co. Co. Professional Development fund and from the Arts Council. Travel and Training award, to assist with the costs.

The topics covered included designing a puppet, construction techniques, working with wood,carving, wig making, stringing, adding rods, operating skills, making costumes. I carved a wooden rod puppet and her name is Maria José Torres!

In the summer 2010 I spent two weeks volunteering with THE PUPPET BARGE in London. Working with this company gave me a chance to explore my arts practise and explore and research ideas for a new show and to gain experience within a theatre setting. I have received funding from the North Tipperary Co. Co. Professional Development fund for this award.

In the Summer 2011, I travelled to the UK to participate in the summer school with John Roberts in PUPPETCRAFT. I constructed a large puppet. Once again thanks to North Tipperary Arts Office for supporting this trip.